Ros Soudry: Good Lawyer, Good Friend

Ros Soudry
Ros Soudry

I am fortunate to have several lawyers who I work with and who are true friends. Not the ones who are what I was taught as a younger man “fair weather” acquaintances…as we grow older we understand how important knowing the difference is. And have I learned this working in the world of divorce, and those involved in making it happen.

One of those people is of course Roslyn “Ros” Soudry, Ros has been a wonderful friend and a fun person to go places with and do things, she and her family are the best. Well as we have done many times in the past, I and my sons were invited to celebrate Shabbat at her wonderful home with her husband. What we love the most is the reading of prayers in Hebrew and of course the traditions that we are allowed to share with Ros and her wonderful husband. These are the very traditions that keep people grounded and real…Ros is as real as they come and she shares all of this with myself and my family.

Friendship like this is beyond special, and for myself to have my sons experience the traditions of Judaism is a wonderful experience. Sure, “Tradition,” I am channeling Zero Mostel. The food is all prepared fresh and the wine is always at the highest possible standards. As some of you may or may not know, Ros is an avid gardener and often at dinner we get to sample her harvest during the meal…as I stated, grounded!

Ros Soudry is also a huge supporter of all troops fighting overseas and contributes loads and loads of goodies to help sustain our troops in the field. Politically she is always up on the most current issues that could affect Israel and knows the political lay of the land. Besides being one hell of a lawyer, she is above all else a friend and someone who is always good for a laugh…having lunch at a Century City eatery was almost a riot when it came to ordering and then getting what we ordered. I wish I had her with us when we were in France, she is fluent in French, Hebrew and of course English.

Roslyn is also admitted to the Maryland and District of Columbia as well as the California BAR. Visit her and her daughter at her very comfortable Century City Offices, 10250 Constellation Boulevard, Suite 2900, L.A. office 310-552-0601, be sure to tell her you read about her here on

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September 8, 2011
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