Son of The Shadow

Well you would think that the “adversarial” nature of our justice system would sink into the minds of those who try and make a living working within it…sometimes it does not, read on this is getting serious. After speaking with Phyllis Block yesterday and asking if she wanted to make a comment for the story I was writing she said no. Ok, that is fine.

At 4:20 PM I received a call from her son, Glen Block, he was trying to have me understand what a nice woman his mother is…I agree, I am sure she is the best of the best as moms go. My perspective is from who I am and what I do to report on a system that is not working well, as I am sure many would say what a wonderful human being I am…go ask my sons. This is my observation of what I saw and the behavior of a monitor or “Shadow.”

Well, I explain to Glen my mother is dead and I was adopted so doing the “your mom and my mom” thing is not the way we should head. He then asked further questions and I told him that it would all be in my declaration for the court. The story titled This Shadow doesnt have a clue got up and running. I was very careful not to use his mom’s whole name and in general it is a story with a point and of course my “point of view.”

At 9:36 AM this morning I was at the courthouse when Glen Block called again, this time, “you know who this is?” I made a comment and then Glen Block stated, I am coming to your house, I will be there in one hour. My response, you do the right thing and hung up. All of this is adding up to what could be a very serious issue for someone and who, I don’t really care, everyone has to do what they have to do.

If this low-level intimidation is an attempt to stop or divert the freedom of the press and/or writers like me around the world it won’t work. Quite frankly, I guess we can all go visit each other’s houses for breakfast one place, lunch at another and supper at another. The other fun thing is that we are all close and within the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department!!!

Funny thing is this, does Phyllis son think that his kind of behavior is going to be good for his mom and her work? Glen let me share this with you: lawyers and the courts don’t like to be in controversial situations…especially with services and people they hire!

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
September 1, 2011
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