Remembering slain police officer and Marine Jeremy Henwood

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Unless you’ve been one, none of you out there will ever understand what it takes to walk in the shoes of a police officer, sheriff’s deputy or other law enforcement officer. The feeling of knowing you can take the ultimate position if the need should arise — and that is to take the life of a serious threat to humanity’s well-being. Along with that authority comes the very real chance that some menacing coward can and will also take yours. For many years I walked that very same walk and looked forward to the opportunity to dispatch some scumbag, lowlife to hell and never got the call. The piece of urban garbage that killed San Diego Police Officer Jeremy Henwood got just what he had coming. One of the “Cop Killer” Dejon Marquee White’s relatives said, “he was getting his life together.” Great, Dejon Marquee White can get all that and more in hell!

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
August 21, 2011
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