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High Profile Attorney Robert J.Nachshin has Moved to Olympic Boulevard – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

High Profile Attorney Robert J.Nachshin has Moved to Olympic Boulevard

Robert J. Nachshin
Robert J. Nachshin

One of the wonderful things about being your own boss is the ability to change and rethink where you are at certain times in your life. Who cannot remember when we had bigger staffs and all the headaches that brought along in its wake? For some, they continue to feed the monster aka the big firm and for some, change is a-coming! Or the misery and annoyance of having to deal with the building management and the ridiculous parking fees and misery of the commute to be at our “special” place. In the last year or so I have seen many people say, “It is time for a change.”

My very good Friend Robert J.Nachshin, Esquire has decided to make a change and move his offices. His new location on Olympic is bright and airy and easy to get to, lots of parking. Bobs old place was very very nice but like many of us we get that urge for a change. Robert has great taste and sense of now and is making his move to 1355 Olympic Boulevard, Suite 201, Los Angeles, California 90064. The name of the firm? Simple, as it should be, ROBERT J. NACHSHIN, PC. Give Bob a call at 310-478-4600 and again here, and I know you have all heard it before, no disappointments.

Mr. Nachshin has represented many big names in the world of DIVORCE, Barry Bonds and one of my all time favorite country western music stars, Buck Owens, that was a big one! Mr. Nachshin enjoys his privacy and I am going to stop here, just look him up, one of L.A.s top divorce lawyers, not that Super Lawyer crap, here you will find a man with the experience and reputation to bring the boil down to a simmer, the best.

Talk about being on top of the ball, one of Roberts quotes from years ago, Everyone should have a prenup so that when you get divorced you are not surprised at what happens.” Are “prenups” ever so important in a world where marriages end in five years or less?

Mr. Nachshin has been a member of the California State Bar since 1977. A graduate of Columbia University School of Law, where does the time go? One of the nice things about Nachshin is this, he is old-school, you feel comfortable in speaking with him as he is one of those guys with a lot of years under his belt, knowledgeable and focused. Another nice thing for those of you getting ready to take the “leap,” he knows the divorce game from all sides. Most of all I have a great deal of respect for him and one of the funniest guys to sit and talk to, go have lunch with him if you think I am kidding.

All the best from the gang at DESPERATEEXES.COM

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August 18, 2011
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