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Hogwashing Dr. Arnold Klein – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Hogwashing Dr. Arnold Klein

For some in Michael Jacksons so called inner circle the sky is falling! TMZ is reporting that in a recent lawsuit filed by one of Dr. Arnie Kleins assistants and confidants, Jason Pfeiffer, it is stated that Jason had to wash Arnie’s NUTTS!?

OMG, Jason Pfeiffer is letting it rip with what he remembers: lots of injections of DEMEROL. Jason Pfeiffer also claims he had to help “prepare” Klein for sexual encounters — claiming “Klein required that Pfeiffer wash Klein’s groin.” Jason, I have a question, did you also have to load Arnie on to a trailer and take him to the encounter? I am trying to grasp this grooming thing, it sounds like preparing a pig or a hog for the County Fair. Having to wash Arnie Kleins crank and nuts? I am having a little trouble with my visuals on this, let me put my toast and jelly down. Jason, another question, would Dr. Klein have to stand in a tub in the garage or did you have a specific spot in the good doctor’s office that all this scrubbing and rubbing had to take place? And was there a hose involved? At this point I am feeling the need to close my eyes and chant.

Jason Pfeiffer also states that he is suffering from severe emotional problems as a result of Klein’s treatment, DO YA THINK? One gander at Klein in his Tidy Whiteys could have thrown a lesser man into a seizure or worse! Never mind the Jason go and get the stiff brush and some soap, I think I am in the mood.” OMG

Kleins lawyer states, of course as he should being a dedicated defender of Dr. Arnie, Dr. Klein is one of the most esteemed and respected dermatologists in his profession in the country. This counterclaim is totally unfounded, and frankly its garbage. The claims in Dr. Kleins lawsuit are very serious, and we are taking them all the way. With a few stops, I am sure, to get Dr. Kleins “package” spiffied up!

All I have to say is this, “every lie has a little truth,” and no matter what happens this will be around the “Good Doctor’s” neck for eternity. Jason did you have to use a BIG brush or a LITTLE brush?

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
August 5, 2011
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