Marc Andre Bertet is now “Associated” with Hersh, Mannis & Bogen!

Everyone in the world knows my opinion of “associates,” from the brightest to some that let’s just say are a little slow….”M.R.” for instance. Well, then we have the ones that I love and adore, look back on the blog.

The other day I am visiting one of the most star-studded offices in the country, and where do you ask is that? Hersh, Mannis & Bogen, it is hard to top this office. Don’t hang out at the Ivy, sit by the fountain at Hersh, Mannis & Bogen and you will see lots of famous people and a few stars coming to the Pashas of divorce. Here let me give you their address and phone number, 9150 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 209, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212 , office number: 310-786-1910

As I am walking down the hall, who do I see, Marc Andre Bertet, Lawyer. Marc was about 8 years younger the first time I met him at another law firm here in the Los Angeles area, the one founded by Lisa Helfend Meyer. Marc was an associate there and would eventually move on and we lost sight of him for almost 6 years or better. Marc attended University of California at Los Angeles for his undergraduate studies and Loyola School of Law, Los Angeles and was admitted to the BAR January 25, 2002…this was a great year and I have a wonderful 2002 Bentley Arnage to prove it!

Marc is back and, no surprise here people, he is working for Neal, Joe and Judy and again these guys find all the best talent. Not only are these people incredible at what they do, DIVORCE, they also are a magnet for great talent. Thank god there are no “M.R.s” here and I so pray they continue to find five star associates into the world of divorce.

Straight Talk with John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 28, 2011
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