Zareh Manjikian is in the house…the jailhouse!

Zareh Manjikian, alleged killer of Mike Yepremyan
Zareh Manjikian

Zareh Manjikian is in the house, the jailhouse that is. Manjikian arrived at the Van Nuys courthouse this afternoon at 2PM. Along with him in tow was none other than Michael Levin, his defense attorney, and along with them was KCBS News, Channel 2 here in Los Angeles. It would appear that Levin called them to give them an exclusive shot of the fugitive he was trying to turn in. “Here, look what I caught”…counselor, what were you thinking? What did you have on your mind counselor putting the fugitive accused murderer on television…but, THANKS! We could not have paid for that entertainment spot. Also he looks better than the pictures we had anyway. That was as smart a move as carrying a 50 pound bag of rice to China, there he was the accused murderer, the fleeing felon from Puerto Rico giving a news conference. I wonder if Judge Gloria Maynard was watching, as the last time she saw him it was the back of his head as he left her courtroom for good!

Well, here it is in a nutshell folks: Detective Thomas Townsend, and the entire Los Angeles Police Department, the FBI, and US Marshals had kept the fires hot and the earth beneath Manjikians feet scorched, as well as the feet of all of his associates and anyone else that may have known him, my opinion.

Zareh Manjikian stated that he left Puerto Rico so as not to be locked up as he was innocent and “came direct to Los Angeles.” What? He has been on the run for three weeks since he skipped bail in Puerto Rico, not to mention for the year and a half he’s been on the lam since Mike Yepremyan’s murder! What did Mr. Manjikian do, WALK and SWIM from that goofy island to Los Angeles? Bullshit is what this investigator says, it was the “heat” and do I mean HEAT. Det. Townsend from homicide was busy “scorching Manjikians very existence.” At one point I am sure Manjikian smelled something burning and it was not shish-kabobs, it was his own ass. He knew he had to do something, and I think that this plan (of turn yourself in and we will have the press there so you can make up silly stories) was in play for a few weeks. Going way back to when “the little guy” aka “the short one” Jurian was being held to answer, my opinion.

Interesting enough was something I noticed today, Zareh Manjikian is as tall as Vahagn Jurian is short. I am impressed that Zareh did not step on his “tiny” buddy as they ran to the BMW that night they allegedly killed Mike Yepremyan. Manjikian is tall and appeared well-groomed this afternoon, Vahagn Jurian is really a tiny little guy…the short one as he has been described. When I was a prison guard with CDC I was impressed how the little guys were always coveted by the bigger inmates, I think that it was the “snugability,” what I mean I guess is “cuddly”…OMG, and if you were tiny and cute, shit the entire penitentiary was damn near your oyster. Now I can hear the grumbling…what I am saying here is that “good looking” people get to go places in The Big House. Not too much difference in the “free world”…good looks and petite will get you places. That is why I am sure that Detective Townsend became a HOMICIDE cop, he ain’t cute and he sure ain’t cuddly!

The terrible mistake of allowing your client, the fugitive, to give a press conference will go down in the annals of “Here, take my client to jail”…LMAO. I would bet that if a speeding bus was driving by, his lawyer could have thrown Manjikian under it, too. Well the plan I think was to try and surrender Manjikian to a judge and bypass the traditional LAPD booking — not today however, the FBI was literally feet away from the accused murderer, Manjikian. It was the FBI who placed the cuffs on the Fugitive, wow to think in a matter of weeks Zareh Manjikian got to be arrested by U.S. Marshals and today the FBI…that is great stuff for story time in Lee Bacas Gray Bar Hotel. Sure as Richard Pryor once said, be funny, tell good stories and tell even better stories in the showers as you want to keep all those inmates minds on something else other than the booty!

This is only part of the group who were involved in the murder of Mike Yepremyan. And as I have been saying all along, there will be more to follow. To my immigrant friends, Lady Justice can be ill at times, but she will never will die. And the fury and determination in the gut of Detective Thomas Townsend as well as the Los Angeles District Attorney will also never end until all of those responsible for the murder of Mike “Gombert” Yepremyan are brought to justice.

Straight Talk by John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator
July 14, 2011
All Rights Reserved, do not reproduce in whole or in part without the express written consent of the author.

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