It’s trial time for text message murder defendant Vahagn Jurian

Mike Yepremyan
Murder victim Mike Yepremyan

Call me crazy, but was I surprised at today’s ruling in Division 112 of the Van Nuys Criminal Courts? Not at all, Vahagn Jurian aka the little guy is being held to answer by Judge Karen J. Nudell, it is trial time.

Guessing here again, maybe $ 100,000 for a murder trial, Mr. Kessel? Trials are costly adventures into the unknown, sure it is just terrible to retain lawyers and then you sit and wonder. You wonder about all kinds of things, such as, will I need to hire more lawyers? Well I swear I could hear Connie Francis singing, “Who’s Sorry Now,” one of Americas great singers from days gone by.

Mr. Kessel did an incredible job in his defense of Jurian, sure if this was a case of hit and run and it was not the ultimate criminal act, the act of murder. Not to say Kessel did not do his job, he did and did it well. I, as well as others were never sure in what direction lady justice was blowing, my thought, “murder” — someone has to pay. Deputy D.A. Nison is like a fine wine, you take sips and enjoy the flavor, the body and the next thing you know you are walking funny. Nison is one of the District Attorneys star performers and what we sat and listened to the last couple of weeks is only a warm up. And that big guy with no neck and no sense of humor, Detective Thomas Townsend, Homicide…I am not sure who would be worse, Detective Townsend or Marty Singer to have on your back…I would choose neither of them.

Is it my opinion others are going to be arrested, and not just the obvious one. My thoughts are there should be more arrests, could be at least 4 more? Again just me thinking out loud and sheer speculation. For sure, perhaps not for the murder of Mike Yepremyan. The California Penal Code has section upon section of great material (other than 187 PC) that has not been used yet when people are murdered. The sections and the wording are as tricky almost as much as all the participants in this case (again I am thinking like an old x copper here). Remember. I said earlier that if it was me I would keep some bail money for that rainy day, and it was beginning to “drizzle” today in Van Nuys and in surrounding communities.

Here is some free advice, in every murder case or for that matter any major criminal case there is a “window of opportunity.” When I covered the Anthony Pellicano prosecution, one of his codefendants, Arneson, could have cooperated and got a lighter sentence or who knows what he could have gotten. Arenson was a little cocky, as if he knew better than anyone else. Then there came a time I could tell he wished that he had been a little more forthcoming with the Feds and Cops. You know what I mean, a “coming to Jesus” moment, when you realize that you are going down like China Town. And it does not have to happen…10, 15 ,20 years in “the joint” is a long time. If someone close to me was in this position of looking at serious time for murder? I would be sitting in the lobby of the North Hollywood Division wanting to speak to Detective Thomas Townsend, Homicide…or in other words, having a “coming to Jesus” moment.

John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator and Security Consultant
July 6, 2011
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