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The devastating lies of custody battles – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

The devastating lies of custody battles

Tracy West and Louis Gonzalez
Liar Liar Big Fat Liar” — this is very often the tone and rhythm that many “difficult” divorces take, it is truly a “liars club” and if you are victim of a great liar you are in big trouble. It can take on all kinds of lunatic behavior: falling down and blaming the soon-to-be Ex, cops come and hall his ass away. It had to be him right? Wrong, it was a set up, a little pay back for coming home late. Drop a .38 or .45 in the handbag of the soon to be ex-wifee and watch her get detained at the airport, damn x-ray machine! All I am saying, I have seen and watched this stuff for almost 20 years. And don’t even get me started on the “spaghetti escapades.”

A case at hand is one featured in this Los Angeles Times two-parter investigated and written by Christopher Goffard, a sad story and yet with incredible luck. The condensed version of the events are terrible in even short form. Child custody, the fertile fields of all the molestation allegations and drug usage and all the other horrible things one side can conjure up against the other. Keeping in mind these people up until this time were lovers and partners and in some cases even married. Now they are mortal combatants in the land of hate and divorce. It will be the ultimate decision of the judge who has to figure out who is the biggest “Liar.”

Sexual molestation of the kids, your kids, neighbors kids, the kids at church, kids at camp even the family pets are not safe in the world of a vicious DIVORCE…the judges that I know and talk to find it not entertaining and a terrible waste of the courts time and resources as these accusations have to be investigated and most of the time they are false, my experience. BUT, look at one side or the other did to the other, a mess and an awful experience to go through and even being innocent can still leave a cloud over your entire life for years to come.

Goffards story is about a man named Louis Gonzalez III and his former girlfriend Tracy West and a little boy they shared together and a custody issue in Ventura County, California. Well one day Tracy West calls the cops and tells of being tied up, sexually assaulted, beaten, and suffocated and the person she said that did this? Louis Gonzalez III. Lucky for Gonzalez, the police detective David Del Marto began to realize something. That something was that the facts as given to him by Ms. West did not make any sense. Det. Del Marto went to great lengths to see what if any of this was possible and the more he looked and reviewed video at the airport, bank and bagel shop none of it made any sense. Gonzales could not have done all of this in the time span that it took place. Worst of all was that Louis Gonzalez was sitting in jail and it was appearing he was getting framed (my words).

It would come to pass that the accusations did not make any sense at all and Louis Gonzalez would be released and get his entire record cleared. By court order he would be found by the same judge that would have presided over his trial, Judge Patricia Murphy issued an order declaring Louis Gonzalez “factually innocent.” This was a wonderful and life changing event seeing what the charges could have done to his future, not easy being arrested for such a serious crime.

Mr. Gonzalez had two big things in his favor: a police detective who went with his gut and training, and a judge that also saw through the entire attempt to “frame” an innocent man. Det. Del Marto found the truth, good job Detective Del Marto, you served justice on this one. Too bad you did not have a set of cuffs for Ms. West.

Fans, I only wish this was a fluke in the world of divorce & child custody. What I am about to say is that it is this investigator’s opinion that this behavior is more common than you would care to imagine. Certainly this is an extreme example — does this often happen to this degree of criminal behavior? Not quite but it still can be bad. All I am saying is that when it comes to divorce, evil and vengeance are alive and well. As I have said many times, for Nazarian and Associates it is about winning, that is what we are paid to do. However, if asked to frame someone we would walk and did just that recently on an assignment, third time in 20 years.

Anyone who finds themselves in such a tough position has only a few hopes and a very short “Hail Mary.” That being cops doing good police work and a judge that can see what is going on and hear the truth. The truth in divorce cases and even criminal cases is not always found and the results can be devastating. I cannot tell you the number of times over the years that I had to politely mention to a uniformed law enforcement officer or a detective that what they were investigating stems from the book of dirty tricks aka DIVORCE. And once they realize that they are being played by one side or the other it is an awakening…and if I were not there to mention these facts? A whole different chain of events could change someones life just like what almost happened to Louis Gonzalez. We wish Mr. Gonzales all the best in the years ahead with his son and for Ms. West? SHAME ON YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID, SHAME.

John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator and Security Consultant
July 1, 2011
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