Buzz Aldrin sending wife #3 “to the moon”

Brot and Gross have hit it to the moon again! Lawyers Ronald Brot and Mark Gross continue to be the “go to” guys in the world of high profile divorces. Well Ron is going to the moon, sort of indirectly.

Ronald Brot is representing Buzz Aldrin (whom we all watched walk on the moon with Neil Armstrong) as he now sends his third wife to the moon! Ron is the guy to do it, and I am betting it will be a one way trip. These divorce lawyers (Ron and Mark) have the energy and shock like a new nightclub….they rock! And they have the office and staff to rock most lawyers worlds…they are not nice and they like it that way. Nice they are as to being great and fun people, but not easy when it comes to seeing anything except what they think is right for their clients…”Fly me to the Moon” indeed!

And the reason for the divorce you ask? Irreconcilable differences, a legal term for they hate each other, at least for now. Well that is great for Mr. Aldrin, he got him a real launcher but wait. This is not going to be cheap…welcome to Southern California, great sun and even greater legal fees! Divorce is a big deal, like building a house and it should not be cheap…you want it done right and you should pay for it. Also it is a learning experience that once you do it you don’t want to do it again. Buzz? is this number 3? You got to love this guy, The Moon and DIVORCE #3.

Lois Cannon and Buzz were married on Valentines Day, in 88 (over ten years, you go girl!) and I understand that she is searching for a divorce lawyer and a satellite to keep her in orbit, or at least in a “lifestyle” she is accustomed to and who are you betting on? Meyer Olson Lowy & Meyers? Trope & Trope? Trope & Decarolis? Ros Soudry? Susan Wiesner? Grace Jamra? Steven Knowles? Bob Cohen? well my fingers are getting sore. All I will say that whoever she gets to keep her in orbit will have their hands full in dealing with RON BROT.

And we are at 10, 9, 8, ahh you know the rest, I need to stop!

John J. Nazarian, Private Investigator and Security Consultant
June 19, 2011
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