LA Times on Yepremyan murder suspect’s release

Art and Ani Yepremyan

The LA Times did a great story on the mind-boggling release of the key suspect in Mike Yepremyan’s killing, and the devastating impact it has had on his parents Art and Ani:

“A judge in Puerto Rico ignored a request from authorities in L.A. to hold Manjikian without bail, releasing the murder suspect on May 13 on a $50,000 bond, officials said.

Manjikian hasn’t been seen since…

‘This emotional roller coaster, it’s just terrible,” said John Nazarian, a private eye hired by the Yepremyans to help find the suspect. “It was the worst-case scenario that could be imagined for the parents of a boy who was killed, to see their boy’s killer caught, captured, only to be released.’ ”

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