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Want to stop the divorce insanity? File for bankruptcy! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Want to stop the divorce insanity? File for bankruptcy!

After meeting with one of my clients this morning, I thought that I would take a stroll around the “Stanley.” I love strolling the “Stan,” it is a place of wonderment. There were Neal Hersh, Joe Mannis (as always looking like a million bucks, there is a reason for that look I assure you). Adam Lipsic, working on the look and when you talk to Adam you realize fast that he dam near knows everyone in town. Steven Knowles, was looking upbeat and ready for his next big divorce, Steven and his partner Michael Collum have mastered the “Persian Two Step.” What I was really looking for was some coffee…that would come and soon.

Sitting on one of the benches outside Judge Trent Lewiss courtroom, who I do I see but Lisa Helfend Meyer looking like she has just discovered that her new Chanel suit is a phoney (Lisa was without question the best dressed lawyer at the Stan this morning). Upon further investigation, she was there trying to fix a major problem that someone in her office had lost control of. Lisa was accompanied by Erica A. Swensen, lawyer — one of her firms more brilliant associates, and one that should have a window (unlike one in particular). The major problem was a case that had generated some good fees was sinking and fast, all thanks to Elyse Margolin, lawyer. As Ms. Meyer was sitting and listening, her trunk of gold doubloons were turning to wet buffalo chips. Meanwhile Elyse asked if I wanted some coffee…the answer was of course and off we went Starbucks! Thanks Elyse! Elyse and I both laughed as we both thought we had seen the ghost of W.C.Fields…ahhh just an imposter…it was Marvin M. Mitchelson, looking for a retainer.

BankruptRepresenting the other side, as I have indicated, was Elyse Margolin, always a fighter and not one to be kept quiet. Elyse was well rested and ready for battle, I could tell she had that bounce to her step. Along with Elyse was an attorney whose specialty was bankruptcy, aka making doubloons disappear and ladies and gents, when you want it all to stop in a nasty divorce, file for the BK. Elyse appeared thrilled that her clients hemorrhage of cash was going to stop and stop fast, as in first thing in the morning. Folks, don’t feel bad for either of these little titans of divorce, they are both very wealthy and will be wealthy for many years to come. And besides, sometimes it is nice to have a big box of buffalo chips, when used correctly it will make the grass look nice!

What big time divorce lawyer is being schlepped around Century City by that car service with the old Town Cars? Sometimes they smoke like they are running on smelly cow pies. Standby for one of our segments coming up, divorce lawyers with the coolest cars, there are two who are close for first place, amazing rides.

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