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Bijan :(

Bijan and Rolls Royce
Bijan Pakzad, or as everyone knew him, simply “Bijan,” has died. I was not a best friend but hearing of his death took my breath away for a second. I spoke to him last a few months ago, I was walking down Rodeo and he was out front of his boutique showing off his Mercedes with the gull wings. He looked at me and said, “John, who are you following?” I laughed and said You!” He responded with that great accent and even bigger smile, “Good, you know were you can find me!”

Over the years Bijans boutique was THE place on Rodeo, and as well placed on “the Drive” as you can be. Always you would find one of Bijans incredible automobiles parked out front. He always had the space (not sure how he did it, he just did). Often I would drive by and smile at the tourists who were taking pictures standing near one of his brightly painted cars. Bijan is gone and I hope he did not suffer, I am sure he was annoyed as he had so much more work on his car collection to do. His crazy collection of Rolls Royces that were being built and sold under his label was a labor of love. And you had better have the one million dollars that they were being sold for…one for every nation was this thought. Bijan did nothing small or less than magnificent.

Bijan was 67 and looked not a day over 50, there will never be another and for Rodeo Drive it has lost a real show stopper. For me, I will miss seeing him once in a while outside the store, and for sure I will miss seeing his car parked in its usual spot, right in front of the most expensive store in the world. Bijan, whenever I see that special shade of yellow, that too will remind me of you!


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