Dancing with Kirstie

Kirstie and MaksimShocking news, John likes to watch Dancing with the Stars, and this was the 12th season. I was looking forward to watching Kirstie Alley and I was pleasantly surprised. I had suspected we would watch some 60 year old train wreck with a bunch of loose rails come crashing on to the screen. Kirstie was the best part of this evening’s show. She looked great and took control of the routine from her first step. The routine was the Cha Cha, it looks easy but it has certain steps that need to be met and KA had all of ’em. Watching a few of the other contestants this dance was a cupcake gone wrong. Girlfriends train was tight and the caboose was right where it should be. And her legs looked the best, she was in great shape….yeah, I know all about the issues with weight, Kirstie looked great.

Her performance was the sizzle the show was lacking — they saved the best for last. She was fun to watch and even more fun was her comical antics, giving her boobs a little push as she stepped into her routine. As for the weight issues she looks fabulous she maybe 60 but she moved like she was pushing 30s. Kirstie was wearing a very nice form fitting sequin ballroom dress…not a gown, but very cool, great choice. Congratulations to Kirstie…you still have it and it was fun to watch this evening…the network should pay you twice!

This writer will be watching again next week and it will be to watch and enjoy Ms. Alley…and of course her partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy was not bad either.

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