My interview in Der Spiegel

John and his loyal assistant Charlee

Recently I was interviewed and photgraphed for the magazine Der Spiegel, which is like the German equivalent of Time or Newsweek. The article, about Pellicano and Hollywood paranoia, just came out in their English-language online version:

Bugging Scandal Reveals Hollywood’s Paranoia

By Lars-Olav Beier and John Goetz

“There are some very despicable people and there’s a whole lot of unhappy millionaires,” says John Nazarian, a colleague of Pellicano’s who has been a detective in Hollywood for the past 17 years. “Their behavior, their sense of entitlement is despicable. They don’t pay me the money they pay me — $400 per hour — to play fair…”

I was honored to be photographed by Robert Gallagher, who has done great work with major celebrities and public figures, and now me! Check out his studio website,

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