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Team Charlie Sheen = WINNER!

charlie-sheen.jpegHey, I have a great idea, let’s just leave Charlie Sheen alone, enough already. So the guy has had a few bumps in the road…so what? Maybe it is that he expresses himself in a somewhat “outward” fashion. And if “bumps” on the road to success were a crime, we would not have much to watch on the tube! Charlie is a big talent and he knows it as do all those around him…including the best sex money can buy! And again, so what? pretty girls and cute boys have always been in the Hollywood mix…this is happiness that money can buy!

Sure the drugs and hookers, ok… and so what, he is trying to take care of it and it would appear that he is doing the best he can. So what, he buys sex, he is rich and can do as he pleases, it is his money. He does not like AA so maybe he has a point…I found his thoughts on the AA organization interesting. But all of this BS and the attack mode of what seems like the world against this guy is total bullshit. Just let him work through what he has to deal with. What? is the plan to get him to hurt himself, I hope not as much of this is none of anyones business. Just leave him alone and get things together.

Here is another reason to leave Mr. Sheen alone, MARTY SINGER. Marty is a friend and one of the best lawyers I think in the country at what he does. And what he does is to assure that people leave him and his clients alone. Can we all agree that Mr. Sheen is clear-minded enough to hire the best legal mind in the country to help him in his affairs?

The last few days of his former wifes silliness is another issue, who is advising her that she would go to the wrong police department to file her restraining orders? She went to Beverly Hills Police and Charlie does not live in Beverly Hills…duh. Brooke get some competent help or at least someone who knows where the guy your complaining about lives! Then Ms. Mueller goes to the LAPD to try and get her kids back…was this not Charlies time with his children????? …who is giving her advice and direction? The cops tell her sorry, nothing we can do, go back to your lawyers! Be sure you have a check in your hand as all of this has to be costing you some big money!

An “emergency restraining order,” ridiculous, outrageous, does “kick the guy when he is down” ring a bell here folks… what was the emergency? “He threatened me.” Now if he threatened to stop paying thousands in support that would be an “emergency.” The actions of Brooke Mueller in my mind are nothing but bitterness and jealousy. This is nothing but a former spouse getting on the “get him train”…and it is Brooke Mueller who is looking just terrible. Even a bitter X can show some compassion, if that is not possible sit back and be quiet. It is not that your concerns may not be real — it is why now, why not before? Thus the thought of the “get him train.”

If I was Charlie Sheen I would not worry too much, he has a mega firm backing him in the DIVORCE action, Ron F. Brot and Mark P. Gross of Brot and Gross ( 818-549-0800 ). This is a law firm that will not back down and has a history of being aggressive in their fight for their clients. Brot is a little like me at times, I am sure he is surprised at what comes out of his mouth. He is one tough DIVORCE lawyer and has been in the game a long time. In this case it would appear that they are kicking ass, from what I read Brooke got a fair deal…LMAO! Their client looks great in this story and someone is going to have to explain that restraining order! Ron Brot and his partner Mark Gross are not known for backing down from anything. Muellers lawyers are going to have their hands full when a hearing takes place and I am betting on Brot & Gross on this one folks…so let’s see, Marty Singer, Ron Brot and Mark Gross, Charlie you should sleep well with this group of lawyers handling your interest. Let’s just hope this will all turn around, Sheen is an incredible actor and will not be replaced easily, the guy is unique…just like me!

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