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Lisa Meyer throws a MOLM event in style (of course!) – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Lisa Meyer throws a MOLM event in style (of course!)

John with the MOLM partnersDuring the holidays this year I was invited to some great Holiday and Christmas parties. One of the best, as anything ever done at her house, was Lisa Helfend Meyer’s. Lisa as many know is the brains behind Meyer Olson Lowy & Meyers, Lisa had a dream for herself professionally and also had a dream of where she wanted to live.

The event at The Meyers estate was catered by Chasens, yup they are still around and the eats were incredible. The Maitre d of the original restaurant was present to make sure all went well, and it did. The famous chili was served in bowls and fresh seafood was piled high for all to enjoy. After the incredible appetizers we were treated to a sit down dinner under one of the most spectacular tents I have seen…don’t forget Chasens was in charge of this event and what an evening it was. There were lots of refreshments served all through the evening and of course there was never a need to open a wallet!

(If you are ever a guest at Lisas office (Depos- Meetings) you will also be fed as seldom is ever done at law offices. Coffee, Tea, Danish and snacks and a full breakfast is available I am sure if you were to ask, and for lunch there is always a tray of sandwiches and all the fixings…even if she is not fond of you, it is just how Lisa likes it done and her assistant Cary Stanchfield is always watching to be sure it is up to Lisas standards)

This estate was at one time the home of W.C. Fields and is nothing short of spectacular. Lisa and her husband Ron had recently completed a major renovation of this Hollywood treasure and it is now even more spectacular. After a very festive evening of dancing and laughing it had to come to an end, leaving all who attended with some great memories. If you are ever lucky enough to get invited to a function at Ron and Lisas home be sure to ask if you can see the Golfers Museum, yes, there is also a very fascinating museum on the property…surprised? you should not be, this is were Lisa and Ron live.

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