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How to break the Ronni Chasen case: $500K- $1Million reward – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

How to break the Ronni Chasen case: $500K- $1Million reward

Ronnie ChasenRonni Chasen did not write a will ever thinking that she was going to be slaughtered in one of the most horrific murder scenes on Sunset Boulevard in recent memory (this is not to exclude the killing of Lauren Ann Freeman by a hit and run Bentley driver on Sunset just a few weeks before!). Ronnis family had a life and their own money and careers way before Ronni was murdered. Now pay attention, a colleague of Ms. Chasens in Palm Springs has put a $100,000 reward for information leading to a “tip” or whatever. $100,000 is not life-changing money. You cannot even buy a real nice Corvette for that amount, and for someone who fears retribution it may not be enough to make that fear go away. It is a wonderful gesture but it is just not enough…big money will light a big flame under this case and keep it simmering hot.

Here is what I am suggesting: the family could put up $500,000 to $1,000,000 as a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons involved in her murder. Those that were involved in her murder are not the only one or ones who know, there are people close to them (The Killer or Killers) who also know. 500 grand or one million is life-changing money and based on my knowledge, whether it was a “gang member,” “organized crime” or the “pizza delivery boy,” for that dollar amount someone will for sure turn them in to the police. Maggots will always run together until a nastier carcass is rotting nearby and they will crawl over to that, just as they will crawl to a phone and reach out to the Beverly Hills Police to see when and how they can collect on the reward. Yes, there will be more “Harolds” I am sure, let’s just hope they don’t check out like Harold did. Surely there will be a load of loons and zany characters. But one of those tips will be real and this case will come to an end with those responsible being brought to justice.

This is not such an unusual idea, governments, cities and people put up large sums of money to get information, why not now…there is a great deal of money left behind.

Note: My suggestion is in no way meant to place a cloud on the loss to this family…I really believe that a large sum of money will make a huge difference in bringing the killer out into the light, and it is one way for the family to help find some justice for her. Please do not take from this suggestion that the family may well already be thinking of doing this, I don’t know.

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