John interviewed by CBS News and AP on Chasen murder

This is as perky as I get at 3:30am, folks (for a live feed to NY). Good story, though.

Ballistics tests show the gun that “suspect” Harold Smith used to off himself was not the murder weapon. Which makes him even more likely to have been just a wannabe tough guy, as I’ve been saying.

Harold Martin SmithThis AP story ran in hundreds of papers across the country:

“Police will only say Smith was a ‘person of interest’ in their investigation and not necessarily a suspect. But as a convicted felon with a gun, criminal experts say it was likely he knew that he was in trouble no matter what he told police.

‘Here’s Harold talking all this (expletive). Cops are standing there looking at him, he’s thinking, I didn’t kill Ronni but I’m standing here with a gun in my pocket,’ speculated private investigator John Nazarian, a former sheriff’s deputy who has investigated homicide cases. ‘He’s going to go back to prison, for life probably. So he just decided to check out.’ ”

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