Scary Mel B split and more goings on at the Mosk

They say “the cream rises to the top”…well most of the time, not necessarily true for cops and sheriffs, but in some categories it still is true. There are several people on the bench at Stanley Mosk whom I have a great deal of respect for and I don’t care if they rule for a client of mine or if they don’t, just good people who happen to also be judges.

Judge Amy Pellman is leaving on the 23rd to go to dependency court, not a problem for me, I will just have to travel a little further to visit her. Just like my friend Donna Fields Goldstein, who is over in Burbank, another one of my favorites and that of…these are strong, smart women who happen to be judges. For Judge Pellman this is her territory, as I have stated before for this judge it is always about the children and with her exhaustive writing about the subject, it does seem natural that she would be in dependency court. In the last 24 hours I have spoken to several divorce lawyers who are not happy as to Judge Pellman’s departure from family law court and all stated that she knows her stuff and has been great to be in front of. Again I am happy to call Judge Pellman a friend. I have heard her staff is going with her…so you see, she has a following and it is not just us here at

Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown and Stephen BelafonteWhile stopping by Pellmans court, Dept. 65, who do I see but Melanie Brown aka Mel B aka Scary Spice. She was dressed nicely and even not made up was attractive, and at only 35 years old she still can turn heads. To some wonderment, she has had a few kids and looks great, must be genetics or being rich! It is reported that she gets $50 grand a month just from Eddie Murphy…very nice. Sitting on the other side was the son of Harry Belafonte, Stephen Belafonte. He too is a tall, thin, good-looking young man. This was a quick one, married in Las Vegas in February 2007, re-newed vows in Egypt in November 2008 and sitting in Judge Pellmans court November 2010…getting divorced! Perhaps someone should come to the realization that marriage is not their “cup of tea.” There are children involved in this mess and it is not the policy of to ever discuss the minor children.

Judge Diaz is taking his “cartoons and coloring books” and is leaving, this comes as no surprise to many in the world of L.A. Divorce…it would seem that Judge Diaz was not one that many “in the know” wanted to be in front of. We at enjoyed Judge Diaz. In saying that, we could sit and watch and wonder what was going on…perhaps, if we were lawyers, we too would have run in the other direction rather than sit and ferment in Diazs court, perhaps it was just his style. Jeff Sklan is one lawyer sorry to see Judge Diaz leaving, “I always loved being in front of him”…we hope he does well over at dependency court. Taking your Bailiff???

Stopped in on Judge Thomas Trent Lewis, and as is always the case, his courtroom is nice, lots of plants and fun prints on the walls. Then there is Judge Lewis, he is always for this writer interesting to listen to and watch. He will always give you a chance as he was with a pro-per up against his former love and her lawyer. Judge Lewis was extremely fair and gave “daddy” a few pointers and if “daddy” takes them he will be once again in his daughter’s life…over all it was a good day at the Mosk!

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