Cupcake Madness

Councilman Douche BagThis little tidbit was brought to my attention by an old friend of mine in New York…you will not believe it…

Oh is this right up my alley, what award do we give to COUNCILMAN MICHAEL WOLFENSOHN? Well let’s nominate him for “Douchebag of the Year,” “King Shit-for-Brains,” or my favorite “Sneaky Rat Bastard Councilman Award.”

Get this, two 13 year old kids who live in Chappaqua, New York, Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff, decide to bake cookies and cupcakes and go to a local park and sell them…this is how I grew up, Old Americana stuff here folks, remember lemonade stands and shoveling snow and just kids getting a taste of making a buck. Well it is reported that the first day the two kids make $120 and are just stoked. They figure this is great and make more homemade goodies using their moms recipes and head out to the park for another day of selling their goods. All-American, Horatio Alger spirit, right?

The Cupcake KidsBut that is when Rat Bastard Michael Wolfensohn comes along. Kevin says a man walked by with his wife and two little kids and asked the boys what they were doing. “He came up to us and asked what we were selling for,” DeMarchis says. “We told him we wanted to start our own business, to be entrepreneurs…”He said ‘That’s great’ and told us he would come back and buy something, but left to make a phone call,” Graff says. “Andrew and I joked: ‘This guy’s great, he’s going to call all his friends — we’re going to make a lot of money.’ But he never came back and bought anything.”

What this SOB did was call the cops and the city requires a $1,000,000 certificate of insurance and $175 permit for two hours…the people of this town should recall the entire
council and throw them out on their asses.


“I’m overwhelmed by the amount of negative e-mail and threats that myself and my family have received over what was basically a lack of communication. In hindsight, I should have spoken to the boys,” Wolfensohn tells the newspaper. “But by the same token, the parents should have spoken to me or the town if they felt I acted in an unreasonable fashion, instead of going to the press.”

Hey here is some help from John J. Nazarian, if you had not been such a sneaky bastard and showed some humanity, none of this would have happened. Maybe you’d be happier if the kids just went and got cans of spray paint and painted cupcakes all over the city, beginning with your house first!

You are a symbol of what’s gone wrong in this country, and a disappointment to every little girl and boy who have a dream of one day being the next Betty or Bobby Crocker…or for that matter, Henry Ford or Bill Gates.

And I award you, sir, The Sneaky Rat Bastard Award for 2010 and eternity! You Jerk!

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