I hear a flushing sound…

Waste$24,386 in travel expenses to bring the two loons from the Bahamas? This has to be one of the funnier aspects of this case, how these two people with little education got one of the biggest District Attorney’s offices in the United States to spring for that kind of money???

Two years for investigators to ‘UNRAVEL THE PUZZLE’ of the case… Oh, I have to be careful here, did that include any time in the sun? And how much did that investigation cost the State of California and the District Attorney of Los Angeles? These guys did a great job, I read all of it, some twice, and found their work intensive and on target most of the time. But what they did not see coming, in my opinion, was that the people they were talking to in many cases were as bad or worse than the “suspects,” aka the Stooges they were building the case against…ever build a house of cards?

Early on I was very curious if these special agents and investigators had any idea who these people were, the witnesses and the history they carried to the circus that was developing in the Bahamas. And did these investigators ever understand the “Master Plan”? How much time was spent on that blowhard who was trying to nail me? Or that silly SOB who said that I had “climbed his fence”…such garbage the flies would not eat it, nasty trash.

Whatever happens it won’t make a hill of beans to most of us, and I can see this following the tidy bowl man right on down the crapper where it belongs. It had potential to be a homerun for the DA, unfortunately for them they came to the game with no bat. Two people dead and no hooks to hang anyone on for any of it, file it under “Oh well, we tried.” Pretty incredible stuff, sure all the bloggers have their opinions about many of these people involved and how “wonderful” they are, and how “good” they are, and the interesting part is hard for some to understand that many of these people involved in this case would not empty their bladders if these “fans” were on fire. And if for one minute you question the “financial” aspects of this case and look closely you would be sorely disappointed. Judge Perry has his hand on the flusher and I think that he is going to send this case cascading into the sewer below the Criminal Courts Building here in Los Angeles.

We believe there were felonies…what happened to them? Did they fall through the cracks with the rest of this case? You had Dr. Bubbles, Dr. Fabulous and a Lawyer, not exactly the “Bonnie and Clyde” gang here. Oh there were things that the stooges did that were confusing and still are, “files nicely tucked away”…hmmmm and that dam “spoon cooking stuff,” (special wink to my “friend”). Funny stuff as with the “cross dresser” and sooooo much more. And it all is disappearing as fast as a pastrami on rye left too long in front of me. That sound of the flush…

$24,386 U.S. Dollars…I hope that included the husband and the rest of the luggage! LMAO

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