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Dealing from a deck stacked with jokers – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Dealing from a deck stacked with jokers

Joker hand“Two days to prepare for a final arguments”…it is a wonderful thing that we are not in a country that practices Japanese customs, as in when you are so badly disgraced you just disembowel yourself. Rene Rose is, as far as I am concerned, a very talented prosecutor and could never have imagined having Judge Perry glaring at her in the final weeks of such a high profile (yet boring) criminal case. Why one asks? Judge Perry had a problem with this case from the very first day! He did not like the way it was “charged” and pretty much said so.

As for the defense pretty much tossing the duck in the air, why not? (feathered pillows) It is beyond obvious that with the group of misfits that the prosecution brought to testify against the stooges that this case was very much done, real done, beyond done. In the early days I, too, agreed that Howard K. Sterns charges were, based on the “cards” showing, innocent. All of us were wondering early on how was the prosecutor going to “sanitize” its witnesses? Again, on the “cards” showing, if you read the discovery and the investigator’s notes, you could see much bigger issues involving the behavior of people close to Anna Nicole Smith, could have had legal trouble. That stuff was not filed, and what was filed was nothing short of ridiculous and everyone knew it. Still a little serious those early days, even in knowing, it was winnable…and then with “The Sadow” factor I knew early on things would be good for Howard K. Stern. To the point I am sure that a “deal” was a potential life saver for some, and now look, “No Deal” was needed! It is all going to be good and everyone can get on with their lives and no “tell all”…or will there be? (thank god I took real good notes when I was being offered to work on a “tell all” about the stuff that went on in and around ANS).

Prosecutor Rose had one last ditch effort and that was DOJ Investigator Danny Santiago, and Judge Perry kicked all that to the curb. I enjoyed reading an interview with S/A Santiago when an individual being interviewed was tearing into me, it made for a short read. It was great and I owe S/A Santiago a big thanks, he spelled my name right and I appreciate that! S/A Santiago also realized that this person who was trying to sing like a canary could barely hum.This wanna-be witness was nothing but a gasbag trying to get some face time.

Funnier yet that very same person talking shit about me to S/A Santiago would later ask me for a “letter of recommendation.” Talk about strange and colorful stories and I have wheel barrels full of them when it comes to this case. How about this? Being that I have been termed The King of Trash,” Howard and I came up with an idea about a reality show called what else, “Trashed.” Sure, some of it was Howard’s thoughts and some of it was mine…after all it is my lifes story, right? The premise would be, well, maybe another day…it was supposedly pitched to Harvey Levin in the days before the stooges were indicted…Harvey did not like the idea and in my thoughts the reason is that it would run interference with TMZ…my thoughts.

I could have sworn I saw Judge Perry in a knife store and he was asking about a “good knife to whittle with,” yes sir, you bethcha, when Judge Perry is done “whittling,” Madam Prosecutor, your preparation for a closing argument could take maybe 10 minutes. And given the temperament of this bench officer, it could even be less! And by the time Judge Perry stops “whittling,” the only thing on that charging document might be just one name, Rene Rose, Prosecutor.

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