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It’s good to be back in the USA – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

It’s good to be back in the USA

Euro David and JohnSumming up this Eurohell journey I am not even going to discuss Paris as I am feeling that I am beating myself with a baguette and that I have stepped in some bad smelling brie. Here is my theory on all these people who do go to Europe and come back with all the wonderfuls and Fabulous and Breathtakings: All BULLSHIT!! I know the difference between BULLSHIT and roses…

First, you are not getting any refunds on this miserable experience, and there is no way anyone can go to these places and not realize you have paid a small fortune for this European Adventure. Second, unless you are on serious meds you will also realize that the cost of almost everything is just nothing short of terrible. I am a working class guy and so are the roots of my entire family, no one has given me anything and all that we have I have busted my back to get. And then to see what we had to deal with! The only explanation I have is that people who experience this attack on their wallets are going to try and make it better. So in defense of this bad decision, we all get the “wonderful, fabulous and breathtakings.” For me it is no problem, I have a few friends who live in Switzerland and they tell me that every day waking up in Europe you realize fast that it is very costly to do so. So enough on that subject, bottom line, Europe for the most part is a huge rip off.

Now in closing, I have traveled the world as a child with my father, this was a very long time ago. So long ago that I can remember when one of his ships came into some of these foreign ports it was a news story. No not because I was on board, it was just the times…it was a time when the American dollar ruled and Americans were like royalty. Those days have changed, now we as Americans are more like targets, the dollar will always outlast the Euros, Francs and all the rest. For me it was a real wake up call to stop complaining and understand that I/we are so lucky to have been born in the United States of America. And to have an even clearer view of what a wonderful place this is, even with the issues that some of our cities have to face, it is still the best place to call home.

As for beauty and majesty there is nothing like the Redwoods of Northern California, show me anything more incredible than the Grand Tetons or Grand Canyon or Cape Cod and Marblehead on the East Coast, it does not exist. When you have seen everything that this country can offer, then I say, if you got dollars to toss into the sewer then go to Europe. Remember this, a well done National Geographic DVD will be just as much fun and when you watch it, go get some real bad food and sit down and watch it, it will almost be like you are there.

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