Quiet Please…Mr. Sacks Is Sleeping!

SsshhMr. Sacks is sleepingWell Well Well, the sign above Adam M. Sacks says it all…he gives a whole new meaning to being “in the sack”…”Mr. Sacks is in the sack”…LMAO

Now in all fairness, we have all been in court and have seen what looked like homeless people snoozing or street people looking for their lawyers. When Mr. Sacks dusted himself off and entered Judge Bornsteins court (Dept. 63) it was almost 2 PM and he looked like he just woke up! And that was because he had…moments before! Even worse, it is like in the criminal courts where the benches the cops sit on are all nice and padded. But for the rest of us…hard wood. Well I would expect that the State Bar and local associations would get into gear and get some benches in the hallways with pillows and a nice firm padding for people like Mr. Sacks to get some good rest. This is not fair, when my lawyer is asleep in the courthouse I want him to wake ready to go and this hard cold slab is not going to cut it! Also, in the restrooms they could dispense little folding toothbrushes and little tubes of toothpaste, and tiny bottles of mouthwash, this could work! Luckily there is already hot and cold running water in there.

Now let’s not be too critical, Mr. Sacks has lots of talent, notice the foot placement so as not to fall off the bench. And the bracing of his torso using his client’s file (we are assuming here) so as to get to his office, oops I mean his cell phone in the event it rings. And the angle of his hand as it cradles his head like a pillow. Folks I am here to tell you this takes talent and lots of it. Another 20 pounds he almost looks a little like one of my all time favorites, Jackie Gleason! Not the suit, Mr. Gleason never had an off the rack suit. Also the tie, is not a Brioni either, might be a menu…and the shoes? Are those what we called “winos” back in the day?

One last thought, was Mr. Sacks billing his client for his time during his nap? And other than this, how is your divorce going?

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