Gary Coleman’s ex pulled the plug?

Shannon Price and Gary ColemanShannon Price, the former wife of Gary Coleman who was divorced from him on August 12, 2008 got to pull the plug? Many thought it was a little strange, but then again he fell while making her a snack and hit his head. The Advanced Health Care Directive
stays in effect regardless of the marital status…what? I have dozens and dozens of DESPERATE EXES who could only wish upon a star for such an opportunity, girls can you imagine?

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center thought that Ms. Price and Gary were married! She was quoted as saying, Why would I want to hurt my husband? Let me count the reasons. I love this one, He would have died sooner or later, this girl is funny and she is not trying to be. She is perhaps the perfect example of “sweetie, keep the pie hole shut!” As is the case with many of us, some sooner and some later.

I have listened to the interviews and recordings on TMZ and I am shocked that this woman was allowed to make any decisions, other than “would you like cheese on that?” I invite anyone to listen and tell me that I am wrong when I say the “lights are on but no one is home.” Gary Coleman had some great luck and a great run with a great TV show. He was entertaining on and off at times during his life and many of us felt bad for him, but he was always quick with that look and still had the timing. The marriage and where he ended up in his final hours are nothing short of shocking from the stand point of did Ms. Price have the sense and heart to maybe take a little higher road and let time roll on for Gary Coleman?

Something I noticed over and over again as I listened to the interviews was MONEY,
Yup, MONEY for this and MONEY for that, and I have no MONEY. My thoughts are that his estranged parents will step up and take care of this poor guy’s funeral, that would be the only right thing to do, after the advantages they had from him when he was a child.

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