Ladies are already lining up to be Divorce #9

Larry King and Shawn Southwick in happier timesOH, Warry tell me it is not true…well folks, the “King of Softballs” and the “Sultan of Gas” is going to be up for grabs…Larry King has filed for divorce from his gorgeous much younger wife. He is stumbling into DIVORCE #8…Shawn Southwick has filed for divorce. Shawn is being represented by none other than Joe Mannis. It is reported that Larrreeeee is a very generous old person…better be, when Ol’ Joe sends a bill he wants to be paid.

There has been much ado about Shawns sister, Shannon Engemann, purportedly banging old Larreeee…it could be that he does not remember, for reals folks. Perhaps “banging” him on the head to wake him up. Shannon states that Lareeee is “like a father to me”…Hmmm, maybe she too is not in touch with her faculties, more like GrandFnfather sweetie!

She was quoted on TMZ that I have a date tonight and I am not going to worry about it. I was wondering if it might be Tony Curtis. Larrys lawyer Susan Carter is hoping that the divorce is amicable, that is likely to happen about the time his show ever becomes a hit again. However in the end…he is still a real rich old guy.

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