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Stephen Kolodny reconsidered – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Stephen Kolodny reconsidered

Stephen KolodnyHere’s some “big” news to report: I am beginning to like Stephen Kolodny, for a very long time I was not real fond of this legal beagle, and to some degree I told him so…in print, that is.

To discount Stephens participation in the world of divorce in the Southern California mix would be unfair to him and would make look unfair. Stephen is good friends with several people that I have a great deal of respect for and felt that I should look closer at the man.

He is, in fact ruthless and capable of almost anything in the courtroom. He does like the sound of his voice…and why not, he is a power unto himself and if you don’t believe me ask Stephen, he will tell you. He will call you a “liar” I have been told. And I was asked, “has he ever called you a liar?,” my response was, no, as I don’t lie…I may forget the truth but I don’t lie and at my age that is acceptable.

We have never worked for his firm. However, Nazarian and Associates has taken a great deal of pride in “tagging” his clients when given the chance…why not, it is fun to piss him off, he has a great sense of humor, almost like my own. He has an engaging smile and at times can try to intimidate in his own special way…if you allow him to. I too have been accused of being intimidating and I always laugh, as I have to be one of the nicest people to talk to if you have a chance, just like Stephen. This was my experience with Stephen, he was fun to speak with and I very much enjoyed the 15 minutes or so that we spoke.

Once again, Stephens office is not cheap and he is also not like “Burger King” so don’t expect to get anything your way, after all it is you and your way that got you into this fix to begin with. Let Stephen and his crew handle the issues, “his way”…Stephen knows, ask him.

Stephen Kolodny, Lawyer
9100 Wilshire Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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