Sandra Bullock Joins the Club

Jesse James, Michele McGee, Sandra BullockPoor Sandra Bullock, I am feeling terrible for her. Here she was sitting high in the saddle enjoying a life that she works so hard for and now this! Winning the Academy Award, the high that must be, loving the man you are married to, and BAM! “BAM!” being Jesse James and his “friend” Michele McGee, what gives?

Many of my readers have asked, what does Ms. Bullock see in him?…all I will say is that opposites attract. And this is a case of just that, Sandra is a great looking gal and Jesse is rough around the edges. Personally I feel awful for Sandra. For Jesse, you went someplace and got “treed”, “git those hounds out of here.” Note: How many times have I so brilliantly stated that “once a cheater, always a cheater.”

For Jesse James, if, as it is being reported, there is a picture of him wearing a Nazi officer’s hat on the top of his head, and he is giving “the” salute? How many ways can you say he is DONE! Jesse James may just as well go and buy a donut shop in Idaho and do morning “chat and chews.” It does not get much worse.

And for Sandra, give me a call, we can chat on the best route to take to the land of happiness that you so deserve. Also, girlfriend you deserve so much more than this truck of BS that has been unloaded on you. Much better. But if it’s any consolation, you’re far from alone in the Hollywood Wives Clubhouse of cheating boyfriends and hubbies. There are dozens more, just not caught is all.

And in closing, Michele McGee is exciting now, my only question is what were you thinking long term for yourself, like when you are 50 and inked as you are? And how about this? Michelle McGee did nothing wrong. Jesse James sniffed around and got a severe smack on his nose…and what is your sweetheart up to?

We at send good thoughts and best wishes for Sandra in this terrible time she is experiencing. One thing for sure, in time it will get better, even if right now it sucks.

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