Happy Birthday No Fault

No Fault Divorce Birthday CakeHappy Birthday “No Fault Divorce,” 40 years old and counting. Well, happy for some anyways, certainly not for all. It was 1970 when the California law took effect. Now it is practiced in every state, except New York, ahhhh the East, gotta love em!

No Fault Divorce is a wonderful thing, except for one little thing, the human element. What is that you ask? It is the wondering who the “whore,” “slut,” or younger woman is that is getting all that lovin’ and stuff you are not. Or, who is that dark-haired youngster with the abs and that dam 10 inch personality that works for him several times a day and night…like you did at one time…blood pressure meds are a bitch. Oh for sure “No Fault” is here to stay, and so is the human element.

I recently did a piece on some ridiculous “franchise” to sell to someone who would assist in a friendly divorce and try and make people play nice. That is a great idea and to some degree I get it, but I also get Easter and do not believe in the Easter Bunny. No Fault is for many just a legal term, and private investigators know darn well that there has to be “fault” and it is laying right next to “reason.” It has to be someones “fault” that he or she no longer loves me, and further more I want to know the “reason.” Just like in the days before No Fault.

New York never got it passed as it is one of the only states with a very strong State Bar and it gets no simpler than that. Along with falling in love with the No Fault there are several states that are not so friendly towards the female part in the divorce, for example Ohio. Ohio seems to lean towards the sperm donor’s side in regards to community property and support…it is just how it seems to me. I love the Chili Dogs in Toledo.

Happy Birthday “No Fault” and thanks for keeping a roof over my head!

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