Drive Thru Divorce

McDondalds Drive ThruYou may have noticed a new phenomenon lately, the Divorce Franchise business. Oh for sure, there are the clever titles, “Divorce with Dignity and Move On,” Get On With Your Life” and the like. And for a small fee you can buy a “franchise,” sure, $25,000 for one location and only $20,000 for your branch offices. As soon as you buy one of these “franchises” you can contract with us at, and if you have any money left you can take us to lunch and I will give you the very same advice.

Sure the gist of the program is “being unreasonable is going to cost you money” and of course with an attorney, “they are going to take your money.” Duh, that is why they practice law, to make a living, hmmm maybe they should charge a “franchise” fee! One gentleman is quoted, to buy a franchise you should have a strong background in either business, finance or law, NO SHIT!!!!??? Another golden moment is this, We do have people leave our process because they get back together, and to me that is a gift. Marriage is a great thing, and if we got better at handling divorce, we might have fewer of them in the future. What kind of Whammy Mammy horse shit is this? Sure if we could take away all the guns we would not have people killing each other with guns…knife sales would increase!

Whoever thinks that you can two people who have either betrayed one another or one side or the other feels wronged, no halfwit with a “Feel Good and Be Nice” franchise is going to make it all better. Simple. Divorce is ugly and it makes no difference what state you do it in. Certainly some states are more let’s say “friendly” to one gender or the other, however, it is still going to be not nice. Like being snowed in with 6 feet of snow or 8 feet of snow, not going to fun to shovel!

I would love to sell a franchise for, too bad for me, it is just a hobby. One other question I have, would this “franchise” of love and understanding be like practicing law without a license, or medicine with no license? Just thinking outside the box!

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