The emotional cost of divorce

divorce decreeEmotions and divorce… I was sitting in Commissioner Scott Gordons court the other day, and sitting before him were two people who at one time loved each other. These former love birds have little or nothing in common anymore, other than a child.

After a little wrangling and a huge mistep by the Mr. X (his lawyer bailed on him the day before), he shows up with no lawyer and a trial is due and not going to be put off as he was planning. For Mr. X, the game was over, now. He and the former love of his life did the impossible, he, she and her lawyer sat and negotiated what the future months and years may or may not hold. After all was said and done, Commissioner Scott Gordon did it, he divorced them. First the mother of the child began to lightly weep, it was done and she would once again have her original name reinstated. And with a sweep of the pen, the two former lovers with the great plans for a bright future (4.5 years ago) were done! And you know, the now very much X, he too was weeping.

For these two it was certainly over, over in so much that they were now almost back to where they were 4.5 years ago. However, even though the tears have dried, these two will have the next 13.5 years to deal with their son, and let’s hope that the two of them will recall the day they sat and weeped in Commissioner Scott Gordons courtroom.

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