Season’s Greetings from Desperate Exes

The GrinchMerry Christmas and Season’s Greetings from all of us at, and what a year it has been. Rich celebrities losing their fortunes, silly celebs losing what little brain matter they may have had, and male icons not understanding how fragile their images are, and of course all of those who have made a living off of all this mishigas! Mishigas is becoming my word of choice for much of what divorce is all about and it is also a word that I can associate with another word: costly. The more crazy things become for the wealthy, the more the cost of fixing it.

Well, gone are the little jelly candies that we gave out for more than ten years, the company who made them for us was sold. And let me tell you, it has been an annoyance for me to find a suitable gift to thank my wonderful clients for their continued support through the year. After trying numerous ideas we found it! Bella Viva Orchards, this is a family owned and run farm in Denair, located in the Central Valley of California. This is the freshest you will find in dried fruits and nuts, it is the truth, perfect in every bite. They plant, they grow, they harvest and then package these incredible products…all of those who are close to Nazarian and Associates will now be getting wonderful dried fruits and the best in walnuts, pistachios and almonds, yum! Also it is healthy, I and many of you will miss the wonderful jelly candies, but, like my hairline, they are gone.

My good friend Cary Goldstein and I almost ate an entire box of Bella Viva dried fruits and nuts the other night with a nice chilled bottle of Cristal. That is one of my favorite champagnes. We were relaxing and laughing about some of the events that plague us in our chosen professions…get me another drink.

Talking about hanging out, drove up to Bob and Joan Cohens home the other night and when I tell you up, I mean just that, up. The Cohens have an amazing home that overlooks the entire Los Angeles basin. It was late and it was one of those moments when the stars are in alignment…while people are freezing back East we were enjoying the evening sipping a great port and sitting by the pool. How did I know it was a great port? I bought it as a gift for Bob a few years before, nothing better than a great port. And Bob, that is one of the most gorgeous Jaguar sports cars that I have seen, drive it in good health.

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