Here come da Judge Gordon?!

Commissioner Scott GordonCould it be? Commissioner Scott Gordon is going to be a judge, that is the rumble in the jungle and we at are very excited. It is a great decision. Commissioner Gordon has been “carrying the freight” for too long and we are hoping that all of this will lead to the “Commish” being a “Judge.”

For me it is exciting as I have known Commissioner Gordon for a very long time and we share some common interest as to our backgrounds….both former cops! Then for me I just heard another drummer, for Scott it was to school and the rest as they say is history. And you know, I do not have a black robe, as they don’t give you black robes at the Four Seasons, but I do have a pretty cool black limousine with some very cool plates on it!

Again I cannot think of anyone who deserves to be made a judge more than Commissioner Gordon….PS, for any celebrations at any point I hope someone gets an invitation to us here at DESPERATEEXES.COM!

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