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Well if it isn’t ol’ Softballs himself, Larry King! – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Well if it isn’t ol’ Softballs himself, Larry King!

Larry Softballs King
Me and old “Soft Balls,” my world is truly getting smaller…I mention Larry King here yesterday…then I go to Dodger Stadium this evening August 5th, 2009 for Game 54 and I am sitting in Section 2. Well this is a section for the fans with money, plain and simple, these are wonderful seats and just feet from the field. it does not get any better than this…..nice and I am very lucky to have a good friend who was kind enough to invite me. He has been doing this for years and has it down to a science, it is the only way to visit a baseball park.

It was only the second time in my life that I have been to a professional baseball game. The first time was when I was a child and went to Fenway Park, Boston and watched the Red Sox play, with my now deceased father, and 50 years later I am at Dodger Stadium, very nice.

Well I get up to go “take a leak,” it is nice as it is not 5:00 in the morning and I am not stumbling out of a nice warm bed, so off I go to the very nice special bathroom for people who are sitting in section 2! I go in and I see this old codger with a very nice haircut with an even nicer dye job and his pants unbuckled and hanging on his skinny ass. Well I cannot believe it, it is the “King of Softballs,” LARRY KING! I am in one urinal and he is right next to me….the old coot! With the time it took “Soft Balls” to take a leak I could have whistled the Battle Hymn of the Republic four times….it is not easy for old males to empty their bladders.

Well, I am sure he is not paying attention to me, even though he has seen me a few times when I served his pal papers at Nate & Al’s Deli in Beverly Hills. So, I wash my hands…at least one of us did! And as we leave I say, How are you Larry? and he just ignores me! Well, did I feel bad being ignored by the old grumpy guy? Hell no, what if he tried to shake my hand? And then two other people greeted this old grump and he ignored them too.

All I have to see is “Dr. Arnie” roaming around Forest Lawn Drive and calling out for his “friend” Michael and then I will dam near have a “Yahtzee.” Only in Southern California can stuff like this happen.

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