Hearing Trouble

not listening
DIVORCE…..it is never easy, especially when you have nut jobs and incompetent minions playing interference with the client. We had this issue recently and I heard a funny comment the other day by a well-placed divorce lawyer:


Adding a little something to this, client’s friends and saboteurs also are tough to deal with when trying to keep things in line. In line you ask? It is tough to get to the next level when you are listening to people who may want to see you fail, or may be spying for the soon to be Mr. X or for that matter the soon to be Mrs. X.

We have had a run of people paying for my advice and direction and then doing the opposite. People have often asked does it bother me? Of course it does, I know what will work, and when you tell someone what to do and they do the opposite, or ignore you, it’s like watching a car wreck. And it is disturbing, and it is also the reason why we are paid in advance.

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