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Judge Harvey Silberman indictment – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Judge Harvey Silberman indictment

Beverly Hills attorney Jeffrey Sklan and I discussed Judge Harvey Silberman’s indictment the other night. Jeffrey, relaxing after a murder trial, had strong feelings about the accusations. We have known each other for years, and it was the only conversation we have ever had where his well known sarcasm and sense of humor were absent. He relayed that Judge Silberman was as well liked and respected as any bench officer whom he had appeared before in the last 30 years. Further, he was concerned that the children of Los Angeles County would lose a real champion if the charges led to a conviction. Even though he had not read the indictment, Jeffrey stated that it would be an honor to defend the judge pro bono, and would twist arms and call in favors to put together a dream team of his own to assist, if need be. If you knew Jeffrey as I do, that was not an empty promise. supported Judge Silberman’s re-election and I have to agree with Mr. Sklan. Even to the point that if and when a team is put together to assist Harvey, Nazarian and Associates could provide some of the best investigative talent in the country to assist as directed. Let’s all keep positive thoughts and hope that Judge Silberman can get over this bump in an amazing career.

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