Sherri Shepherd Custody Update

Sherri ShepherdWhile away on a long term assignment, I was contacted by the lawyer for Sherri Shepherd, one of the talking heads on “The View.” Fred Silberberg was kind enough to contact with an update and asked if I would, in the spirit of fairness, publish it. Of course! You see when lawyers contact us we do respond quickly.

Well Ms. Shepherd has to be one very happy lady, the judge has granted her the request to have her son live in New York. You know when you think of it, kids do need a mom — they need dad too, but mom is most often the one to make everything better.

Peter Lauzon was representing “Daddy” and I guess they lost…have no fear, divorce is just like a nasty war with lots of battles, and sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t.

And Fred, next time don’t get so excited and try to get me thrown out of the courtroom, your client loves attention and that was all we wanted to do, give Ms. Thing of “The View” a little attention. Good Job Fred, see ya around.

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