Team Texas Two Steps Ahead

Virgie Arthur has learned through an anonymous source that “Baby – Daddy” aka “Ah Shucks” is not going to be happy… again. Those in the know say that Team Texas has come up with not one, but two very critical witnesses in the litigation between Ms. Virgie Arthur and the “why cant I be famous, too clan.” What could they have? I am told to just wait and watch, it is just terrible, horrible, the worst yet. And that old, rich and very dead Texas billionaire, his money is staying right were it belongs, with his family and lawyers and in Texas. Some would be better off in perhaps buying an El Pollo Loco chicken franchise, as the dream of getting millions is fading faster than those cheap blond highlights. Again, you heard it here first, Da Moolah is not coming (oh no, a job, get up and go to work? Hmmm never happen, for there is a dream, “Hereeees Baby Daddy”)…NO TV SHOW and no Moovie either, my friend Paris Hilton will be secretary of state and Mario Lavanlaundrier will be in charge of a brain trust before any of that ever happens.

Some have said that Team Texas is not going to stop…and I for one believe it. It is also being reported that the “TV show” that someone has waited for for so long is not going to happen. And that came from the horse’s mouth, how I ask, do these people do it?

Can it get any worse? Who are these two witnesses that have surfaced? What will they bring to the table? And what will they say? Do they have pictures? This is almost like a freakin’ Alfred Hitchcock thriller. And “Da Book,” another book about what else, yup, the Anna Nicole Smith avalanche of bad luck, bad news and more and more bad luck. This whole saga has been like a Pharaohs curse…now that might be turned into a movie, yes, I can see it now, “The Golden Sphincter” or “The Golden Sperm”…I have to stop, I am going to get myself in trouble. The two “sweeties” are releasing their second book, as if the first one was not bad enough, the second is promising to be a real sucker, oops I meant a real shocker, when will it stop? When Team Texas says so, that is when.

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