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Did you feel that? Pellicano aftershocks continue – Desperate Exes | Unleashed

Did you feel that? Pellicano aftershocks continue

Kerkorian, Pellicano, KerkorianThe earth shook in Los Angeles last night while I was seated at my favorite table at Club Cicada in downtown. Then I was tossed out of bed this morning and I could not understand why….was I dreaming? There were legal papers by the thousands flying out of windows of a high rise in Century City, whats up?

Well, I was soon to understand that at 8:30 AM , at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Dept.2 Judge Marjorie Steinberg threw out all of the work that Terry Christensen (former lawyer) and Wendy Herzog, Esq. did on behalf of their very very very very very rich client. That being none other than the very rich and very old and very powerful Kirk Kerkorian. Pellicanos wiretapping undid the whole package and the paper storm was all that “good” legal work flying out the window and headed to the city dump. And all of this was at the hands of M.L. Trope, Lawyer. Michael to some, Mr. Trope to many others.

Lisa Kerkorian my friend and former client is being represented by one of the biggest names in divorce in Southern California, Michael L. Trope, Esq. of the firm Trope & DeCarolis, LLP. Michael is one of those lawyers who will take you apart very methodically and never raise his voice, as I said before he has an interesting style.

Judge Steinberg even went further and complemented Mr. Trope for being such an advocate for his client…sure you say that is what he is supposed to do. Yes, you would be right, but then it is going way beyond the call of duty to fix a terrible wrong of this magnitude (and understanding it), and OMG did he fix it. And let me tell you all this right now, the fixing is just beginning. A little like that goofy chicken commercial, I plumped you good …Oh someone got “plumped” all right and it was not Mr. Trope or his client Lisa K! Let the “plumping” begin!

Lisa Kerkorian had been made to look like a fool and a gold digger over the last several years. Say what you will, she may have made some errors, but not when she brought M.L. Trope to the battlefield. And for all you naysayers, this travesty of justice against Ms. Kerkorian is going to be handled. The billionaire gambling tycoon Kirk Kerkorian cannot be happy about this, he is going to be back at square one…talk about shooting “craps.”

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