Nothing better than a hot pepper!

Pepper BlasterMany times in the course of providing security we are asked “what would you recommend” type questions. Well, I have always been a strong believer in entertaining myself while I was a cop when the legal opportunity would pop up in the course of taking bad guys to jail. And “gassing” a bad guy who was asking for it was always fun…in an official way of course.

Everyone knows in the U.S. that you cannot just go shoot the SOBs when they don’t cooperate and that is why god invented pepper spray. Well, back in those days we had mace…it was fun, just not as much fun as pepper spray. It can bring big men to the level of little men, and on drunks…slows them down, but not as effective, they just cannot see as well to continue their attack.

I would like to suggest a company that I am very familiar with: Kimber. They developed a great, easily held little unit with two strong shots of pepper spray. The “PepperBlaster” is one of the units we all carry at Nazarian and Associates. These units are safe and highly effective. You can contact Kimber at 800-880-2418 or visit their website : or If you are in search of a great little delivery system, this is it.

Nothing will ever replace the competent use of a good old Smith & Wesson police special, but this is not a bad equalizer. Please check the laws in your state for any specific issues for a private citizen to use pepper spray.

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