Ron Rale back in the ring

Ron RaleWith a blink of an eye things can change! My good friend and confidant Ron Rale has been back as a partner with Trope & Trope for quite some time. Ron had taken some time off in 2008…and returned in 2008, and his presence was missed.

As I reported back a couple of years ago, they don’t get much better than “The Rale.” And you can forget about ever bullying or going hands on with this guy, he is a tough SOB on the mat. For stress reduction he “grapples” and enjoys it. As I stated before he is a tough cookie, and I am not talking of his baking skills.

Ron Rale is one of the toughest adversaries in Los Angeles, you be well advised to do your homework and do not make the mistake of underestimating him…

We at are not doing a rating system anymore, either I like the individual or I don’t. First problem, he is a friend. Second non-problem, he is a great lawyer, ask anyone. He is a very entertaining person to talk to as long as you don’t catch him in his Porsche.. now if you like yelling, then go right ahead and call and talk to him while he is driving that German meat grinder.

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