Did you see that shoe?

Shoe dropping You know I am learning, and fast, that not all the calls I get are crazy people’s ramblings, and perhaps in the future I will take certain calls more seriously. Ever heard the expression “when will the other shoe drop?”…funny right? Yeah, well stand by people, the whole Fn closet is getting ready to fall, shoes, suits, shirts and all that stashed money.

Remember when that Iraqi comedian was throwing shoes at President Bush? We all saw those shoes fall, right? These other shoes, when they drop are going to almost as funny, even hilarious!

DesperateExes.com will be on the cutting edge of some very big events in the coming weeks and months. “Americas youth are doing fine, are highly educated and even more well spoken.”

Have I ever told of the great Italian food that can be found in Americas Heartland….the best!

All of this will make sense in the days and weeks to come……..

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