Ex Your Help, Ex-Mrs. Hulk

Hulk, Linda, CubReportedly the former Mrs. Hulk is having a few concerns. Duh, you think? Yes Linda, chances are greater than 85 % that your hubby, the former love of your life, is pumping the gardener. No not like that…what I mean is that these mowers and hedge trimmers are all potential spies, especially if the dinero is right (we at DesperateExes.com have spoken about this very subject many times over the years and it never changes). I have always depended on JosA as well as his son JosB for some great stuff in doing what we do at Nazarian and Associates, SPY GAMES. All it takes is a few dead presidents, and sometimes for less as the gardeners often hate you anyways. So if someone comes along with the right six pack and a joint, perfect! Linda if these are the same gardeners you and the Hulk had when you were together…GET SOME NEW ONES! And as for the housekeeper, Linda this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. “We” send you a new “housekeeper” out of the kindness of our hearts, and then we get to hear and see all the crazy shit you and your “cougar cubs” are doing. It won’t be easy, but all of this is repairable. We at DesperateExes.com aim to please, and if you take just a little of my advice things will get better.

Bottom line is you cannot trust the trojan horses that are in and around your house. And if you have the same help as when you and the big guy were together, they will screw you over in a heart beat and do it with smiles on their faces, swearing to you that they did not! When you “dump the trash” you better dump all of it, even if it might mean you have to trim a bush or two yourself. And Linda I love being in Florida if you would like to sit and have a chat and chew!

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