Madonna…What a friend she has in Jesus Luz!

Madonna and Jesus Luz

Hey now, this is a Valentines story for you, in place of going out and blowing a wad on roses or candy (Sees is my favorite and I also do love roses). Really, who can afford all this stuff in these tough financial times…roses, candy, dinner and “toys”? Madonna, that is who! Have you all seen her newest bed warmer? Now to all my female readers and to a few of my male readers (you know who you are): Who would throw this kid out of bed? What a friend she has in Jesus (and you thought she was into Kabbalah)!

There are givens in this world and I soooo do understand, taxs, death and Madonna never being a Desperate Ex. She always seems to take a deep breath and move forward to the next thing that will make her feel good about herself. As for Dr. Phil, LMAO…F*&% him when it comes to therapy, Madonna has her own therapy techniques! All the world would need would be to bottle Jesus Luz. This guy is beyond attractive and we understand he has a very big personality…and he has nice hair! And so very easy on the eyes.

So to all of you “cougar” haters out there, stop! Madonna is getting a little long in the tooth but look at her, she is still gorgeous, that is what youth and money will do for you! If you have the money or fame or both, you too can have one of these coffee-colored juggernauts! Ladies close your eyes and think about that one for a minute. And if you are not up to the hunt yourself, call me and I will help throw a net over one…Hmmmm, we will be flying first class, right girlfriend?

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