Chris Brown Rappin’ on Rihanna?

Rihanna and Chris BrownWhat was that sweet sound of music coming from Hancock Park? Oh! no! Tell me that Chris Brown did not try and eat Rihanna. These two did not make it to perform on the Grammys this evening, reportedly due to a fight. Chris Brown was arrested by the L.A.P.D. and charged with “criminal threats” — this is very serious in the days after “don’t bother me, I am sharpening my knife” O.J. Simpson. These threats 20 or 30 years ago were not a big deal; today it is a really big deal. It is also being reported that more charges are pending in ref. to possible domestic violence. Criminal Threats is also in the same category as DV.

The worst part of this story is who he called to bail him out, Mark Gagagosh. Chris, I don’t know you, but here are the phone numbers of a real defense team: Harland and Adam Braun, 310-277-4777 or 310-277-2272, these two guys are the tops in L.A. Oh, here is another one, Barry Tarlow 310-278-2111. Anyone of these three will make sense out of a bad situation.

Rihanna, if what is being reported is true, get Jr. to the curb…you don’t deserve being chewed on, girlfriend.

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