Pellicano Trial: the Pelican and the Last Seductress

Fiorentino and PellicanoTyphoid Mary and Anthony Pellicano, can it get any more serious than that? Well it is reported that Fiorentino is writing a screenplay about Anthony Pellicano…hmm, all I can say is that you are a little late, “Miss Thing.” Linda, you may want to go on the speaking circuit, you know, go to police and federal training academies and tell them how you single-handedly brought one of their own…DOWN! There could also be a sequel, THUD, how I dropped my F.B.I. boyfriend! Ol’ hot cakes, aka X-Special Agent Rossini, has plead guilty and taken a deal. Here folks is a smart one! Da Sarge should have read the same book he did as to “How to Make a Deal.” He has already lost his career, and will get probation and a fine…the embarrassment for Mr. Rossini will be like a death sentence and again kids, FOR WHAT? Going against his own agency to come to the defense of Anthony Pellicano? The defense of Anthony Pellicano…as futile as rearranging the deck chairs on the S.S. Titanic! Defense? What defense was worth a Special Agent’s career?

Everyone is wanting to jump on this Pellicano bandwagon. John Connolly was one of the first, Big Dan Moldea is out there, one of the Pelicans good friends, Michael Viner (formerly of Dove Books). I am surprised that Dominic Dunne has not shown up…hmmm, perhaps he was having difficulty finding the door knob to get out of the room he was in. And here comes Fiorentino limping into the picture. And for the victims, you betcha, that bandwagon could turn into a cash cow! But we also have several opportunists, and I am not talking about the lawyers who are trying to cash in for themselves and their clients. When the “tire hits the road,” it will be all about the money! And to hell with the wreckage of police careers, the shattered lives of a few. And then there is the Big Pay Off, the big fish for keeping your mouth shut — that is the pay off I want to hear about. Come on, it has to be here someplace, if you find it or know about it, don’t call John Connolly, call me!

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