O.J.: Done

O.J. SimpsonWhat do you get when you badger and badger and whine to whoever will listen and document and hire lawyers and whine, try and become a celebrity and whine and tell the world of your plight and yes, WHINE! What you get is Fred Goldman.

Well after all of these years of following OJ Simpson around for the cold-blooded killing of his son, Fred can now rest. “The Killer” is in jail. Oh, for sure it was not Freds whining about it that did the king of arrogance in, though maybe the Goldmans’ financial pressure on OJ over the years eventually did squeeze the big stupid out of him. No, what got OJ was the crook, the thug, the all so greedy one, Mr. Simpson himself. OJ had it made in Florida, but living very comfortably and playing golf every day for the rest of his life wasn’t enough. When I worked in law enforcement I would tell all of the “knuckleheads” to stay out of San Mateo, Burbank, Glendale and I may have forgot, NEVADA. They are not going to allow any “thuggery” to occur in that great state, and if you think you can jump on Southwest to Vegas and commit crimes…”they be waiting for you.” Guns? Oh no they didnt. All of this was very predictable and finally gave to Fred Goldman something he so badly wanted, REVENGE (Goldman and Co. also want cash but for now they will have to enjoy revenge). 33 years said the lady in black robes…he probably would not have gotten that much for killing Nicole and what’s his name…we in the big city have to be careful to not upset the masses.

This is all very relevant to desperateexes.com: a woman who knows that she is not safe and then is murdered, butchered on the steps on her home by none other than her former husband. This happens all of the time, but this had a twist, did it not? That being the killer was arrested and then a “jury of his peers” said “hahahaha, let him go.” Sure this was a terrible mistake. However, along with the whining and the noise-making from Fred Goldman and Company there was an equalizer here: screw-ups will always be screw-ups, and did I forget that “birds of a feather flock together?” How many years did he get? All good things come to those who wait. Sleep well Mr. Simpson, and sweet dreams…

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