Chickie’s Dinner

Chickie, John & Dr. Bob Time flies faster the older I get . I was very fortunate to be invited to Chickie Levanthal’s annual dinner that Chickie and her family throw to thank all of those who use her bail agency! Well let me say this, as far as Nazarian and Associates is concerned there is only one bail agency and that is Chickie and her family. Chickie’s Bail Bonds is the official agency for and Nazarian and Associates. When it comes to bail agencies there is not one that has the class and compassion that this agency displays, they are the best. No request is ever refused if it is possible and when you hear they aim to please…they are serious.

Each year she throws a dinner at Melisse Restuarant in Santa Monica, this is one of the top restaurants in the United States and each year Chickie and her gang have a different theme. This year it was Hawaiian and like all the others, the very best drink, the very best food and the service is as expected, just lovely! Here is a picture of me and the brains of the operation, Chickie herself and her wonderful companion, Dr. Bob (Chickie looks and sounds a little like Mitzy Gaynor).

John & Kevin MitnickNot to be outdone by the great food my dinner guest was Kevin Mitnick, the worlds most famous computer hacker. He was a huge news story back in the day and now he travels the world telling companies and businesses how to protect themselves. While he was already in custody of the BOP they locked this guy up as being a threat to national security…look at this guy, national security. One of the funniest guys I have had the opportunity to meet in years! You can visit Kevins website:

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