Pellicano Trial: Main Event Postponed

Rocky PellicanoWill Pellicano and Crew ever be sentenced? This is becoming a little like a bad meal that keeps giving hours after eating it! Or one of those horror flicks that the villain after getting hit with bombs, being blown to pieces and being finely chopped in a blender keeps returning. Yup, “The King of Omerta” is not done yet, he wants lawyers to review this segment of the game he has long lost! NOW he wants a lawyer?!? Sentencing postponed again.

What is nice about this new date — December 15, 2008 at 1:30 P.M. in courtroom 840 — is that it will be the Pelicano and Crew show, making it all the more entertaining. I can hear it all now like a boxing match: And sitting in this corner wearing a stupid look on his face is “Little Abner” Nicherie! And in this corner, “Happy Ray” Turner, aka throw-your-friends-in-the-phone-company-under-the-bus! And he is still grinning! Ladies and Gentleman, let’s hear it for the “Geek,” yes, he is walking in with his fuzzy slippers in one hand and a picture of mommy in the other — be careful, he is very very smart, but is he smart enough for this opponent? A group of big muscular dudes come in lip-synching to “F— the Poe-Lice,” and who should enter but “Da Sarge” Arneson. Then all of a sudden there is a flurry of chicken shit being thrown…should this not be Pelican poop? And then the Main Event: Anthony Pelicano, “The Ultimate Goombah” and superhero of an upcoming comic book, “Take this Omerta and Stuff It” (sequel to “Stuffing the Bird,” coming to a correctional institution near you!).

Note: It is possible that Kachikian will not be sentenced on that day…we will see what happens to lame f&%*s who destroy evidence.

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